Our concept

Boulangerie Michel, founded in 2007, is "the" French bakery in The Hague region/The Netherlands. Our shops are located in Delft, Rijswijk, The Hague and Scheveningen. The idea behind Boulangerie Michel is to become a peoples’ hub to share and enjoy a range of the best traditional French products made in an artisanal way. We use organic flour and we believe in local and seasonable food. We look forward to seeing you!
 Pain de campagne (farine complète, seigle et farine de tradition), noix torrifiées (et raisins) Pain de campagne (whole-grain flour, rye flour and traditional wheat flour), roasted walnuts (and sultanas) Boerbrood (volkorenbloem, rogge- en tarwebloem) met gerosteerde noten (en rozijnen)

Our breads

Our commitment is to quality on which we do not make concessions. We use the best ingredients together with traditional production methods. To make our bread, we use stone-ground flour from Normandy (certified AB in France) and sourdough. Fermentation, shaping and baking is literally done by the hands of our bakers. Furthermore, we do not use additives, stabilizers or other chemical ingredients.



Breakfast and lunch (Scheveningen and Delft)


Our sandwiches are available in all our shops. We serve full breakfast and lunch (petit déjeuner and déjeuner) only in our shops in Delft, Scheveningen and Reinkenstraat (Den Haag).


We also have:

  • Traditional products (foie gras, confiture, galettes bretonnes etc.)
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